You can realize your HOA’s full potential by partnering with an HOA management company invested in your association, now and into the future. Associations today face many challenges, from deterioration of property to deterioration of community togetherness. In facing these challenges, you deserve a partner dedicated to your owners, to your board, and to your property.

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People come to the Denver Metro Area for the great lifestyle, the strong economy, and the quality of life. The Denver area has consistently been ranked one of the best places to live in America.

Three Pillars of a Healthy HOA:Community, Sustainability, and Sound Financials.

Here at CAP Management, we believe that a healthy, well-managed homeowners association should support the community it serves. It should be a great place to live and enjoy, it should be community focused, and it should be financially strong.

Pillar One of a Healthy HOA— Community.


At the end of the day, every HOA is a community, and we’re committed to making sure each member of that community is engaged in the process every step of the way.

To us, fostering community means clear communication, regular reporting from management to boards and owners, a human touch, and an overall empathetic approach to our job. It may mean conducting special meetings, association polling, or collaboration with the board on how to navigate major turning-points. It could be as simple as attending association events or building a top-class onsite staff framework. Every HOA is different, but they all share the community aspect.

Community Services:

  • Handyman Services
  • Community engagement and special meetings
  • Crisis management services
  • Interactive Community Websites
  • Timely customer service during business hours
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Monthly financial statements and/or e-statements
  • Full-service accounts receivable

Pillar Two of a Healthy HOA – Sustainability.


Sustainability is at the core of what we do. To us, Sustainability is the capacity to thrive in a changing world. It means using natural resources responsibly by utilizing best practices in energy efficiency and water conservation. It also means serving the association in a way that preserves the integrity and wholeness of the community – for current and future residents alike.

Sustainability Services:

Pillar Three of a Healthy HOA – Sound Financials.

Sound Financials

Accurate financials by the 6th business day, every month – that’s our commitment to you. We know it’s frustrating when financials are late or in disarray. Getting financials early means you have time to review them and ask questions of the accounting department before the board meeting and presentation to owners.

Financial Services:

  • Financials delivered by 6th business day monthly
  • Full service accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Online accounts payable system (StrongRoom)
  • Daily late letter processing follows your HOA’s collection timeline
  • Collections processing
  • Payroll services

We Help DENVER HOA Boards Make HOA Board Membership Purposeful, Effective, and Rewarding.

Your HOA is hard work and so is volunteer board membership. Partner with a HOA management company built to give the board the tools you need to excel. It’s our mission to make your visions and goals for the community into realities and lend some expertise along the way.

Would you like to win HOA of the year?

We’ve helped boards do just that.

Have you considered how sustainability projects can save your HOA money and help bring the community together?

We can help you explore these.

Are you considering proposing financial changes in the future?

We’re here to help you run the numbers and present it to owners.

Are you struggling with community togetherness?

We want to help you maintain a functional governing body and gain peace-of-mind.

Are you an effective board member looking to stay on track?

Great. We’re here to help you.

Are you a new board member learning the ropes?

You deserve a partner committed to your success. Let’s make the most of your board membership. Give us a call today.

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