Three Traits of an Effective HOA Management Company

Here at CAP Management, we strive to be the best we can be every day – taking advantage of our great team, using technology effectively, and being willing to experiment with new ideas to better serve our clients and your community. Here are three traits that we believe any HOA Management company should have:

1. Forward Thinking

CAP rarely stands still, we are always trying to add to our repertoire. Living this value is a constant learning experience and involves being constantly open to new outside-the-box thinking. For instance, we brought a banking partnership to Denver with our relationship with CINC Systems and Citywide Banks. This allows us to reconcile our operating and reserve accounts in real time.

CAP had the specific goal to achieve the best financial delivery services in Colorado.

And to do so required a lot of hard work, dedication, and a willingness to both stick with it while staying open to new solutions. Our partnership with Citywide strengthened as a result and we now integrate directly with our partner bank based on that shared experience. We are confident that our partnership gives us the best financial reporting in the Denver area and allows us to guarantee delivery of those reports by the 6th business day.

2. People

Our staff are dedicated and experienced. One of the key differences here at CAP is our Manager’s portfolio size. Currently, we manage 40-plus HOAs, but each of our managers has a smaller portfolio, normally between 5 to 10 Associations. Some of the larger nation-wide management companies have Managers with portfolio’s the size of our whole set of clients. This can often lead to overworked employees and potentially high turnover as managers get burnt out faster.

Many of our clients value the fact that they have had the same manager for years – this allows our managers to gain institutional knowledge of your HOA and how it works over the long term, something which gets lost every time there is a change in manager or management. Every HOA has its own culture and values and having a long-term manager allows us to respect and work within that framework.

3. Values

CAP Management has 4 Values that our guide our decision-making and processes:


We value our team and CAP Family. We want everyone to have a sense of belonging and feel valued and heard.


We serve your community and work to treat our clients’ largest investment, their home, as if it was our own.


We think outside the box to bring modern solutions to modern problems while having the discipline to stick to processes we know will result in success.


We have the courage to bring new thinking to problems and, should we stumble, we admit where we are wrong and do the next right thing. Our goal is to learn from every experience we have, even ones that did not go as planned. We are solution-oriented and are always willing to take the next step, wherever that may lead.

We believe that CAP Management lives these traits every day and that they touch on everything we do, from bringing in new solutions, to issues like sustainability, and enforcement to traditional customer service interactions. You may not choose to go with CAP Management for your community, but we feel that any effective HOA management company should have these traits as you consider who to manage your community.